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Quilomene Hunting Vest

Quilomene Hunting Vest

Quilomene Hunting Vest
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Quilomene Vest
The Quilomene Vest has built a reputation on the functional simplicity of its design and the quality of its materials and construction. The main features are:
  • The customizable shoulder strap - waist belt system has three waist adjustments that allows the hunter perfect fit and placement of the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps adjust at both ends and have a choice of two attachment points on the front shell pockets to provide a custom fit based on the height and physical makeup of the wearer. This allows the hunter to comfortably carry most of the weight of the vest on the waist where it is more easily and comfortably carried than the shoulders. It acts like a backpack in this regard.
  • The easy to use high capacity hydration system -  120 oz. (just shy of a gallon). The hydration system slides into its own sleeve and rests vertically between the shoulder blades and sits on the waistbelt just above the waist which is where the weight is carried. A feed tube runs from the bottom of the hydrations system out either side of the gamebag to a clip on the front shell pocket where it is handy to use. On the end of the feed tube is a bite valve that retains the water in the system until pinched or bitten by the hunter which allows the water to gravity feed out to a dog or alternatively the hunter can bite on the valve and suck on it like a straw. A siphon tube with instructions is provided with the hydration system for easy filling without taking the hydration system out of the vest
  • Cargo Capacity - There are nine pockets to carry all that you need for even your longest hunt. ‚Äč
    1. Large capacity gamebag
    2. Two cargo pockets on the back
    3. One huge clothing pocket that encompasses the entire back of the vest and yet is not in the gamebag
    4. Two shell pockets on the front
    5. Two wallet pockets for little things inside the gamebag and where wallet pockets would be
    6. Pocket for the hydration system
This vest design is best described as simple and very functional !!!!
Main Options include:
  • Removeable shelloops - built to specific gauges. The loops are made of webbing that doesn't stretch out like elastic ones do and are sewn on 4" wide velcro that mates with two thin velcro strips in the shell pockets
  • 60 oz. hydration system - for those really long days requiring the most water a second system can be inserted into the top cargo pocket on the back. The feed tube comes over the shoulder and clips onto the shoulder strap. It is the first system to be used as this weight is carried on the shoulders and should be used first.
  • Other accessories are available on the accessories page.

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